Ultimate Pursuit of Function "NEOPRO"

High-spec nylon fabric.
A business bag with well-designed functionality.


Smart design with blue accents.
While pursuing weight saving, it does not impair the function as a tool.
Treat blue accent, urbane and simple design.


Drip-proof, Lightweight, Functional Modern Design.
Complete remodeling of COMMUTE series boldly.
The light mobility that "modern" is seeking is realized with tough material.


USB port installed. Cover with safety and security consideration.
With USB connector... Not only is the manufacturing of Endo luggage.
Covers, pouches, long backpack belts, thorough pursuit of functionality.


Upright style by pillar structure.
The bag self-standing by embedding core rods at the four corners.
Pioneering new areas with new senses and ideas.


Beauty is brought by the pursued functionality.
The casual style business bag designed with thoughtful ease of use.
Enriching the lineup is also attractive.


Balance of light weight and robustness.
Using hollow fiber nylon material, we designed and sewed under a thorough strength principle to be loyally used for a long time.