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Commitment to Service

Repairment Service by Highly-Skilled Artisans

During the lifetime of a bag, the matter of repairs is inevitable. From the beginning we believe in "bags as tools", and manufacture products that are sturdy and difficult to damage, but various factors such as the environment, various situations, deterioration due to age and regular use will accumulate and sometimes require maintenance or repair. Our artisans will proudly repair your beloved bag with great care. In addition, we also provide replacement wheel kits (FREQUENTER) for our products that the customer and use to replace their casters themselves. These kits are available for purchase and we are also focusing on creating maintenance mechanisms.

Repariment Process

  • Inquiry
  • Consultation
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Repairment
  • Return

After we receive a request, repairs take an average of 3 days from the time the item arrives.
(However, we appreciate your understanding that it may take longer depending on the extent of damage and repair needed.)