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Top Page We create trunks made of a special-fiber.


Fiber board, Long standing and trust worthy material

The two fiber materials that our company uses are "Vulcanized Fiber" and "Pasco". "Vulcanized Fiber" is hard fiberboard laminated and integrated with layers of high-purity pulp fiber base paper, boasts being utilized for military items in the past because of its high durability. "Pasco" is a material made from dissolved wood pulp and pressed at high pressures to increase the fiber's density. It is characterized by being easier to process and lightweight compared to "Vulcanized Fiber". Both are made from thinned wood pulp and used paper as raw materials, have excellent durability, are wear resistant and have insulation properties.

Long-Standing History Backed with Experiences and Technologies, For Innovation for Future

The Fiber trunk was first developed around the 1920s' and was successfully commercialized as "Fiber Bag" in 1928 with the support of the founder Kakishiro Endo. During wartime, we were designated as a military factory and were responsible for manufacturing and supplying various trunk cases that carried military supplies and more.
After the end of World War II, the fiber division started its career as a commodity distribution apparatus manufacturer dealing in various products made from the fiber boards, including the cases used mainly at the then-Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and department stores. Our fiber division is the oldest among the existing fiber product manufacturers.
In 1824 Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture began as a trading company and later changed to bag manufacturer. In 1944 the fiber division spun off and became independent, starting operations as "HOKUTAN FIBER KOGYOSHO". Then, in 2016 "ENDO KABAN FIBER DIVISION" was started due to the business integration by ENDO LUGGAGE.
By resuming the planning, manufacturing and sale of fiber trunk cases for the general public, we returned to the origin of Japanese travel bags.
We pursue the artisan spirit since its founding and continue to innovate with the goal of creating a bright future for fiber materials by dedicating experience and technology we have cultivated over many years to the manufacturing of our goods.

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