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Top Page Bags made with sincerity “Made in TOYOOKA”

Bags made with sincerity "Made in TOYOOKA"

Meticulously made bags that can not be done in mass production factories

To maintain the commitment and pride of "Made in Japan", and further more "Made in TOYOOKA", each artisan has a responsibility to complete their own tasks that include daily cleaning, maintenance of sewing machines, total inspection of tools at the beginning and end of daily operations. Also, to hone their high-level professional skills like checking the sounds of the sewing machines by ear to prevent yarn breakage and adjusting sewing by feeling the vibration of the sewing machine and more. Thus, our artisans make painstaking efforts to create bags by hand with thorough quality management in every process.

Even with one seam of the sewing machine, there are a number of points to be concerned about. Such as the balance between needle holes and thread and the beauty of the thread itself. Our artisans realize this quickly and efficiently.
This is where the sensibility and technique of "real craftsmanship" emerges.

Manufacturing Process

Material Arrangement
From cloth to hardware, all material is thoroughly examined for purchase.
A die is created for each part. Precise cuts are made according to the material's characteristics to avoid waste.
Processing and Coating
Special process orders such as leather and computer processing are sent to specialized cooperating factories.
Glue pasting and key lining in preparation of sewing.
Divisional Sewing
Division of labour based on specialization of parts and processes to improve efficiency and prevent mistakes.
Final Sewing
Work to complete the final three-dimensional form comprising of front & back bodies and gussets.
Experienced artisans thoroughly and rigorously carry out inspections from the user's point of view.