Enjoy a holiday with casual sophistication "Spasso"

A casual urban taste combined with practicality.
Various colors and styles are available.


Casual Jaunty Bag
Using lightweight rip-stop nylon as the main material.
Directing casual adult feeling with case leather accents.


Just right for a walk on holiday, sewing firmly with soft synthetic leather.
Support your relaxing, because it can properly sort your belongings.


Street walking bag has a good texture.
Body fabric made in Japan.
Easy to fit casual clothing, moderate size.
The combination of fabric and leather parts show a gentle expression.


The backpack has high ability and two wheels.
Wheeled bag that also becomes a backpack supports an enjoyable journey.
It realizes high waterproofness and light weight.


High ability and two wheels with jaunty steps
Carry bag that also becomes backpack supports your jaunty journey.
Lightness improves when changing the material.